Care for the Wild – About us

Care for the Wild is a small charity dedicated to the protection of wildlife in the UK and around the globe.
We have been around for almost 30 years and we operate under three key areas:

You can find out more about our Vision and Values by clicking here or please use the navigation bar on the right hand side to find out more about who we are, where we’ve come from and our finances.

“I admire Care for the Wild for its appetite and willingness ‘to be out there’ in terms of organising and promoting protests and demonstrations, as well as achieving good visibility on the radio, mainstream newspapers and news websites as well as on social media.

They are determined and resolute in the way they pursue key issues, eg opposition to the badger cull, and they are innovative in addressing hidden issues relating to conservation and the ethical treatment of animals such as its campaign concerning RIGHT tourism.

Well done Care for the Wild – keep up the great work.”  Mike, Supporter

Watch our video below to meet the team and learn more – Care for the Wild: We Care