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Working with the press to promote our key messages is an integral part of Care for the Wild International’s work, and has been for many years. We release regular local and national press releases, as well as acting as an authoritative and knowledgeable voice for comment on global and UK wildlife issues and stories. On this page you can find details of our spokespeople, specialist areas, press releases and more.

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Care for the Wild was created in 1984, so we have a wide range of experience and expertise across many areas. Our key spokespeople are:

Philip Mansbridge: Chief Executive Officer

Philip joined Care for the Wild at the end of 2011 having gained high level experience from within the animal welfare sector at some of the UK’s leading animal charities, including Cats Protection and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Philip is available for interview on all our key issues. Recent media appearances include BBC Newsround and Sky News. He writes a regular blog for Huffington Post which can be seen here.

Dominic Dyer: Policy Advisor

Dominic has been with Care for the Wild for several years, including as a Trustee. He previously had a successful career in the farming industry, working for Defra and also as CEO of the Crop Protection Association, and is a member of the Royal College Veterinary Surgeons (Veterinary Nurses Council).

He is Care for the Wild’s key spokesperson on wildlife crime and UK Wildlife issues including the badger cull.

Dominic is regularly interviewed for and quoted in most of the UK national media, as well as on BBC TV and radio, Sky News and ITN, among others. See one of Dominic’s recent appearances on ITN here.

Asgar Pathan: Director, Care for the Wild Kenya

Asgar has been running our anti-poaching patrols in the Maasai Mara and Tsavo East national parks for many years. Care for the Wild works in Kenya promoting the conservation and welfare of wild animals and their habitat through anti-poaching activities, education, research and community based conservation.  With increasing levels of poaching throughout Africa, this vital work is the front line defence for wildlife populations. Asgar can talk with authority on all related issues, and is happy to escort journalists on patrols if requested.

Care for the Wild also has spokespeople available on all our key issues, including:

  • Tiger poaching in Asia
  • Animals in tourism around the world, through our RIGHT-tourism project
  • Any species related to our projects, including Polar Bears, orangutans, chimpanzees, rhino, elephant, lions, dolphins
  • And more – please ask!

Press Contacts

We have a dedicated Communications Manager who can deal with all media enquiries.

Chris Pitt – Campaigns and Communications Manager

Email: press@careforthewild.com
Tel: 01403 246957 or 07891 743889