Why adopt An Elephant


The grandeur of the beautiful and sensitive elephant is an intrinsic part of the African landscape. In the 1980’s we nearly lost the world’s elephants due to ivory poaching – their tusks of ivory prized sadly higher than their lives. Yet again the threat of poaching is rising at an alarming rate and once gone, they will be lost forever. Care for the Wild has worked on the front line of the war against ivory to protect elephants in Africa for nearly 30 years, preventing poaching, caring for the ivory orphans and rehabilitating elephants back to survive in the wild.

There are now 500,000 wild elephants spread across the African continent but they have already been lost in 83% of their natural range and this is set to continue if nothing is done. Expanding population and infrastructure means both means elephant populations lose access to natural food and water sources which inevitably leads to increased conflict with farmers.

Elephants, particularly in Asia, are also targeted for live capture as ‘working animals’, used to carry heavy loads in the timber industry and to carry tourists. To domesticate these once proud wild elephants their spirits are broken using aggressive training techniques.

Their greatest threat, however, comes from the desire for their beautiful tusks. Elephants are being lost from the wild at an alarming rate – currently 5 are killed every hour. Despite the international ban on ivory trade in 1989, aggressive illegal poaching is fuelled through a lucrative Asian black market. With the price of ivory risen higher than that of gold the revenue from blood ivory has been used to arm poachers with machine guns, bribe local communities and destabilise governments. Illegal poaching for ivory remains the principle threat to African and Asian elephants.

Each wild elephant taken destabilises the hierarchy of elephant life and may leave young calves orphaned and in real danger, unable to survive in the wild on their own. Calves can also be orphaned when their mothers are killed by local people trying to protect their crops. Some calves become separated from their mother and herd after becoming trapped in drying up water holes and man-made snares. Injured and without their mother’s milk and protection, these orphans would soon die unless they are rescued and given shelter and care.

Both African and Asian elephants are facing extinction if proper care is not taken now.

Your Elephant adoption supports:

- On the ground anti-poaching, de-snaring and informer networks in key elephant ranges
- The protection of habitat in elephant breeding sites
- A world-class safe haven for orphaned elephant calves
- We provide funds for food, specialist keepers, medicine and other veterinary care to treat injured and malnourished calves
- Long term rehabilitation of hundreds of orphaned elephants back to protected release sites for self-sufficiency in the wild
- Public awareness programmes in Asian market countries to stem illegal elephant and ivory trade
- Campaign action to end inhumane treatment of elephants in the tourist industry
- Working with local communities on projects to reduce elephant habitat destruction and conflict; including a sustainable charcoal programme and education
- Representation at an international and government level for increased funding for anti-poaching enforcement.

Care for the Wild has our own anti-poaching project Care for the Wild Kenya working in Tsavo since 1999 and Mara since 2004. We have a long history of elephant rescue and rehabilitation supporting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for over 25 years. We have also provided funds for Chinese ivory poaching awareness with Green Heart Films. You adoption will support key projects and initiatives in elephant range states and Care for the Wild campaigns action to end the suffering of elephants worldwide.